How This Man Shed 374 pounds, More Than Half His Body Weight?!

This story is about guy Sal Paradiso. In his early 30s, he weighed about 700 pounds and imagine his daily activities a lot of trouble. He struggled to stand in the shower, get out of bed or cook food without getting winded.

When he was in high school, his father at age 42 died of a heart attack. In his class he is been the heaviest student. He could not stand the loss of his father and start to comfort him with food and steadily gained weight.
One day, he decides to make a drastic change. If he doesn’t do that, he would end up like his father. First step to change is visiting the doctor. He has a consultation for weight-loss surgery. The doctor and nutritionist told him to start with strict low-carb and high protein diet.

He was eating upwards of 10,000 calories. He dropped pounds right away, but he wasn’t sure how much he lost because he didn’t know how much he weighted in the starting. For him to move around is hard. He couldn’t work out and much less to do the exercise. His family has a swimming pool. Paradiso swim laps and do low-impact exercise because his knees is obese ruined. After swimming, he is starting to ride a bike. Then he started dropping seven or eight pounds a week.

Over two years, he lost 254 pounds. In the summer of 2016 he went on surgery, which helped him lose another 120 pounds. In total, he lost 374 pounds. After surgery he has excess skin hanging from his 6-foot frame about 65 to 80 pounds worth of it.

Paradiso feel insecure all the time. An excess skin causes him physical pain, chafes and he gets sores and infections. He is trying to raise money for skin removal procedures. Typical surgery expense $4,000 to $6,000. The extra costs are for anesthesia and a hospital stay.
He will try with raise support program for people who are trying to lose weight.

Dr. Jeffrey Gusenoff “explained that the insurance companies have patient who has persistent rashes and they require either prescription creams or oral antibiotics to treat rashes under the skin folds. This extra skin must also hang low enough to block the genital region or thighs.”

He made a change. Today he is a happy guy a lot happier than three years ago.

He gives advice to others struggling to lose weight:
1. Make sure your friend and family understand you be open to ask for help, join activities will help!

  • In the process of weight loss Paradiso has a support from his friends and family. In the days when he fell too hard hearing their encouraging words is motivated for him.
    Only if you have a decent enough support system you can overcome 10 or 15 years of beating yourself to the soil by putting on so much weight.

2. Set reasonable ambitions!

  • Paradiso want to weigh between 200 to 225 pounds and to loss 475 to 500 pounds. About 65-85 of it is skin. The skin cannot be lessened no matter how extreme is the diet and exercise.
    For him thinking of losing so much weight is impossible.
    If you look at it in smaller pictures, is possible to conquer the mountain. This is his motivational thought.

  • 3. Learn what motivates you?

  • A picture of his father is a consistent reminder of why he did it. Paradiso look at it when hes struggling gaining courage to move on

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