Training before holiday: The most effective yoga posture for destroying cellulite

yoga posture for destroying cellulite training

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your thighs and buttocks? Despite careful diet and exercise, cellulite still persists?
Yoga is one of the ways with which you can change all of this. Though it is useful for relaxation and stretching of the body, a study conducted at Harvard University found that yoga is the most efficient way to improve the flow of lymph, eliminate toxins and reduce fluid retention in the body.

Yoga, also leads to greater flexibility, the skin becomes more elastic and brighter while in the same time it comes to better defining and increasing of muscles, which rejuvenates the body and becomes much more vital.
If it is combined with proper diet, there won’t be a single gram of cellulite.

    Although there are several postures that help in the fight against cellulite, this is the most effective:

  1. Spread your legs in your shoulder width.
  2. Put your hands on your hips, bend your right leg at the knee and pull it upwards.
  3. With easy movements, push with your heel toward the ceiling 20 times.
  4. When you finish with booting up your heel, grasp the right ankle with your right hand.
  5. Pull the leg up as much as possible, while raising the upper body and left arm in height.
  6. Stay in this position for 20 seconds, taking care of your proper breathing.

Deep rhythmic breathing while performing these positions encourages hormonal balance and makes a larger amount of oxygen in the body, which is essential in the fight for burning fat.
Return to starting position and repeat with the other leg.
Although cellulite is definitely number 1 when it comes to the shortcomings of the women, right behind it are etc. “Weddingers”.
The relaxed upper arms are near the end with these 3 simple exercises and your arms and shoulders will look nice and tight.

First exercise:
Sit on the floor and place your hands behind the back.
Bend your legs at the knees and rely on your feet.
Lift on your hands and feet and lift the low your buttocks.
Repeat this 7 to 12 times in 3 sets with breaks.

Second exercise:
Lie on your stomach and set in a position for push-ups.
Extend your hands and rely on the hands and on feet with the tip of the toes.
While you are in the position of push-ups, go down on the left, then the right elbow and immediately return to starting position.
Repeat this exercise 7 to 12 times with both hands in 3 sets with breaks.

Third exercise:
Stand straight with your legs spread wide hips.
Bend forwards and rely on floor with your hands.
Go on hands forward, drop gradually in a position for push-ups.
With your left hand touch your right shoulder, and then with your right hand touch your left shoulder.
Again, walking on hands, go back to the original position.
Repeat this exercise 7 to 12 times in 3 sets with breaks.

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