Have you ever detect little white nuggets in your tonsils? Well, these nuggets are called tonsil stones or tonsillitis and are placed in our tonsils. You can feel that something is stuck in your throat.

What Is the Reason for Tonsil Stones?

The tonsil stones are depositions of bacteria, mucus, dead skin cells and excess food particles in the tonsil crypts. They can form on the throat or on the roof of the mouth. The tonsil stones are whitish or yellowish with soft and squishy texture. Their disgusting smell leads to bad breath, throat irritation. Some people have troubles to swallow the food or some have breathing problems.

Who Is Prone to Tonsil Stones?

More prone to formation of tonsil stones are suffers from chronic inflammation of the tonsils or people who have big tonsils. What’s more people who don’t keep good oral hygiene are at significantly higher risk to have this issue.
Surgical conventional removal treatment of the tonsils is called tonsillectomy. At this point is important to mention that this surgery is not a guarantee that the tonsil stones won’t reoccur. Explain from medical experts is that if you decide to eliminate the tonsils, you actually will remove a part of your body utilized for prevention of bacteria and viruses to enter into your organism.

Other Ways to Remove Tonsil Stones

There are less invasive other methods for removing the tonsil stones. You can use them in your home.


The easiest way to remove the tonsil stones is Q-tip. For this procedure you will need big enough Q-tip so that you can reach the back of your throat and a mirror. To use the Q-tip you should gently push the visible area of the tonsils until the deposits are dislodged. Push the stones with enough pressure to pop out from behind the tonsil pockets.

Dental irrigation syringes

You can find and buy a dental irrigation syringe in any pharmacy. So, in order to flush the stones out from the tonsils, you should directly at the pockets in your tonsils point the curved tip of the syringe. At this point it is important to mention different from the Q-tips, with syringe you can remove deeper stones that are in your tonsils and often are not visible. For the time of this procedure you should keep your head down so the stones can fall out of the mouth. Charge the syringe with a mixture of equal parts of 3% hydrogen peroxide and warm water. The hydrogen peroxide will make an environment where bacteria cannot thrive making the removal of the stones much easier.

Oral irrigator

Oral irrigator is a water reservoir, water flosser with a motor or specialized water flosser nozzle. This systems use a stream of pulsating water. For removing the tonsil stones you should position the nozzle directly at the tonsil crevices and then blast them out. You should be careful and not be over-aggressive. On that way you may hurt the tonsils. It is highly advisable to set the irrigator on the lowest setting.

Oral probiotics

Strains of good bacteria are oral probiotics. They have incredibly powerful and suppress the bad bacteria in the mouth that causes formation of tonsil stones. From shown opinion of medical experts S. salivarius K12 is the most successful probiotic against tonsil stones. The procedure is: you need to buy a probiotic capsule and mix its content with 4 oz. of warm water. Well stir until the capsule content is completely dissolved in the water. Next step to do is to swish the prepared mixture in your mouth. Try to swish as close to the tonsil stones area as you can. It is recommended to tilt your head back a bit before spitting the mixture out.

In addition to that, using toothpastes or chewing gums can neutralize the bad breath. They are effective in the removal of tonsil stones.
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