Acid Reflux Flare Ups

Acid Reflux Flare Ups

Holiday seasons can be very overwhelming if you have acid reflux, Candies at Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas diners as well as a ton of other parties can make this time of a year a real pain. By using, this simple tips to keep acid burn at bay and enjoy the holiday seasons.

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Do not forget your medications.
Before you go remember to take your acid reflux medication. It`s always best to start the day with a pill of acid reflux medication so you’ll be free for the rest of the day, and also remember to take a pill before meal ( 30-60min before meal ) you can take 2 hours after meals.

Eat before you go.
Before you go out to party or whatever, have a healthy snack before you go. Taking oatmeal, almonds, or ginger will restore your body ph thus preventing acid reflux.

Don`t over eat.
Sticking to foods that are not acid reflux triggers will not help if you overeat. What you should do is eat smaller meals throughout the day so you will not overeat at special dinner. Eating slowly can help you from reaching more food.

Skip the post meal nap
The biggest mistake most of the people make is they eat before going to sleep just stop. Eating and after that laying down you are just asking for heartburn trouble. Instead, spend some time doing some activities it does not matter what just let the time pass as the food has digested.

With these simple steps we hope you`ll make the holidays free of acid flare ups.

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