Awesome Benefits of Guava! Look What Happens in Your Body When You Eat!

We all know that vegetables and fruits contain numerous properties and some can contribute to curing diseases. This is something that already the natives of Central America were known well. Even because when Columbus came to these lands was received by a group that gave him his most precious offerings which contain in this wonderful fruit guava.

This fruit is rich in Vitamin C so it is called “the queen of vitamin C”. His powerful antioxidants are responsible for keeping our cells healthy and counteract the toxic effect of substances that oxidize our body and make us sensitive to illness.

We can say that vitamin C is not only, another vitamins that guava contains are Vitamin A, B vitamins and minerals like potassium, essential for the transmission of nerve pulses, prevent cramps and strengthen brain function.
But in addition, we want to present and let you know about specific benefits guava has. It can help you to improve your health in a natural way.

Strengthens the immune system:
Thanks to guava high content of vitamin C, guava can be what you need to strengthen your immune system. Thus protect you against natural external agents that cause disease.

It can neutralize the cancer cells:
You can reduce the free radicals, generators of diseases only with consumption of guava. This is a benefit in stopping the proliferation of cancer cells.

Heart Benefits:
Around the world heart problems lead the way in death statistics. Guava leaves are contains properties that can help protect the heart from high levels of cholesterol or triglyceride. It helps keep sugar levels stabilize.

Oral Health:
Antibacterial ingredients of guava can help you eliminate plaque, avoiding gingivitis and other oral infections. Relieve toothache with this fruit it has analgesic properties to help you.

Effective against diabetes:
As previously mentioned, guava juice is effective in keeping your blood sugar levels stabilized. For use you can prepare infusions with the leaves or eat the fruit directly.

Improved vision:
High doses of vitamin A in guava are beneficial for your eyesight. This is because they help reduce night blindness and protect cells from retinas, assure better vision.

Improves skin quality:
Before mention antioxidants can improve the quality of the skin. It prevents the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging.

Help with diarrhea:
Guava give benefits to the digestive system and prevents diarrhea. Help you stay hydrated.
It improves the function of the thyroid gland. This fruit copper among of many minerals contributes to improve the function of the thyroid gland.

Is beneficial for favors brain function:
For the proper functioning of the brain and the central nervous system vitamins B3 and B6 contain in guava are particularly beneficial.

Repairs tissues:
It is great for those who are recovering of operations or have suffered cuts or wounds in the skin. It helps to recover the tissues and is involve in the formation of collagen. Collagen protein is very necessary to strengthen bones and teeth.