Most of people some time said: “I’m eating right and exercising, but I still can’t seem to lose this weight.”.

Maybe, the same diet and fitness plan that had been working for years is suddenly not working now.
Most often, these questions are also bookended by a mention of menopause. You must know that fluctuating hormones could be the fugitive of your weight gain—and that balancing your hormones can help you lose weight in menopause or at any age.

Dr. Sara Gottfried – has a fantastic program called The Hormone Reset Detox and lots of tips about how hormonal imbalance can contribute to weight loss.

Suggestions for how to bring your hormones:
1.ESTROGEN – Estrogen is the female sex hormone, but both men and women have it. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for the development of female sexual characteristics (breasts ) but an estrogen imbalance (estrogen dominance) in your body can cause side affects: to make slower metabolism, and your body storing more fat. Womens have more estrogen then man and they are more often harder to lose weight.

You can naturally balance estrogen by:

  1. Reducing red meat intake
  2. Cutting back on alcohol intake
  3. Eliminating processed foods

2.INSULIN– Insulin is a hormone created by pancreas and it helps regulate glucose in the body. If you’re overweight your body’s glucose regulator (insulin) gets flung off balance and you have a harder losing weight.

Ways to naturally balance your insulin levels include:

  1. Getting enough protein with every meal
  2. Eating smaller (healthy) meals more often
  3. Eating low-glycemic carbs (fruits, beans, non-starchy veggies)
  4. Eliminating added sugars from your diet

3.CORTISOL– Cortisol is body’s stress hormone, it regulates the body’s response to stressful situations. Regrettably, we are so inundated with a modern stressors and the need to be communicating across a variety of channels that many of us have a surplus amount of cortisol in our bodies.

Ways you can naturally lower your cortisol levels include:

  1. Meditating
  2. Taking a magnesium supplement or B vitamin
  3. Consistently get better and longer sleep

4.LEPTIN– Leptin is produced by the body’s fat cells and it is primary function is to tell a part of our brain (the hypothalamus) that we are satiated, or full. Our modern diet is saturated with a type of sugar called fructose, found in many processed foods , exsample pasta sauce to salad dressings. When your body contain too much fructose , your body stores it as fat. This leads to an excess of leptin; when man or womwn have too much leptin it it possible to become leptin resistant and that meaning that your body will keep eating and gaining weight.

Ways to balance your leptin levels include:

  1. Eat chia seeds and taking an Omega 3 supplement or eat more Omega 3 rich foods such as fish, grass-fed meats,
  2. Decreasing your fructose intake by eating little to no added sugar
  3. Exercising regularly

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