Beauty tips for fairness. You Should Avoid at all Costs

People often try to create own diy fairness products, hair care or cleaning product. But, are all Beauty tips for fairness such efficient? Some might even pose a health risk, or they might cause even more trouble for you than you were dealing with in the first place. Diy beauty tips for fairness which “to do” and “not to do”.

Companies might use ingredients that you’re not a particular fan of, but most of them are clinically tested time and time before to perform the product in its package claims.
Another thing to remember they are thousands of beauty tips for fairness that anyone can post. You can easy find a DIY Beauty tips for fairness. But you should know about its effects before the use. Here is the Beauty tips for fairness for you, to stop to invest your money and time on a DIY practice or product that may do damage:

Don`t destroy your face! Here are the 13 Beauty tips for fairness, you Should Avoid at all Costs!

1. Using lemon juice to get rid of dark spots
Some people use this highly acidic fruit and its citric acid-filled juice can clear your skin of dark spots. But, think before use.
Dr Tsippora Shainhouse dermatologist said that the acid in lemon juice can irritate your skin, causing erosion, burns, and creating redness and inflammation. It can make more sensitive your skin to the sun. She recommended to use like hydroquinone or over-the-counter ones like kojic acid.

2. Using cinnamon to clear acne
Cinnamon is use to improve blemishes among other skin concerns. People who try to put this on their face have adverse reactions including a burning sensation. Applying cinnamon can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. You can feel burning to the skin, said Dr. Joel Schlessinger, a board certified dermatologist and Real Self contributor.
With using ingredients from kitchen on your face, you never know how your skin might react. If you have treat acne with a detoxifying store-bought mask.

3. Using Crisco to heal dry skin
For some individual using Crisco can cause issues. But, can be effective in some case. Crisco is a mix of fully and partly hydrogenated soybean and palm oils. It can cause breakouts in those who have prone skin. If you use for face the cooking Crisco than you are expose on infection.
Optimal you can use balm with hydrocortisone. It can heal dry skin, including eczema and psoriasis.

4. Using Greek yogurt as a face mask
According to Schlessinger , if the yogurt is spoiled or contaminated in any way, you could be left with a bacterial infection.
Recommended is to use a skin care product with similar benefits. For example, use probiotics. This good bacteria can eliminate causing acne bacteria and helps combat inflammation.

5. Using baking soda as an exfoliant
Celebrity hair stylist Jenna Mast said not to use baking soda, because it can affect skin natural pH balance. It is time to wise. Baking soda is used in baked goods in combination with an acid to create a chemical reaction. Our skin with time can be more neutral or basic, which causes irritation, and leaves the skin open to infection and damage. If you use longer, the damage is bigger.
6. Using hairspray to set makeup
Minneapolis-based makeup artist in one interview said not to use hairspray for your face. It contains harmful ingredients that are not healthy. The trick of keeping for long your make up is good. But this alcohol-laden spray is best left on your hair where it belongs. It can clog pores, cause skin irritation, blemishes, or worse. You expose on risk of getting hairspray in your eyes. Bye and use quality makeup setting spray.

7. Using toothpaste to treat pimples
Toothpaste contains drying alcohols, irritating menthols, harsh hydrogen peroxides and potentially acne-inducing fluoride. The tingling can make feel like it is working, but the toothpaste will dry your skin and disrupt its balance. Shainhouse recommends sticking to an over the counter and do treatment for acne with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

8. Using coffee grinds as a scrub
Homemade recipes often recommend use the leftover grounds of you morning coffee and create a caffeine-laced body scrub. It will both exfoliate and leave your skin less red. But, don’t do it, if you didn’t want to damage the top layers of your skin, Shainhouse said. It can leave your skin more red than small amount of topical caffeine can reduce.
Useful information: You should to stop use goes. The same goes for scrubs made from nuts. They have sharp edges and not are water-soluble. For that, those can create small tears in the skin which can scar. Use gentler ingredients like avocado to get rid of dead skin cells.

9. Using egg whites as a face mask
You can use the eggs for breakfast, not for face mask. For many bloggers this type of homemade mask is great for close pores. This is completely false, you would risk food poisoning for nothing.
Dermatologist Schlessinger said that temporary effect we have with egg whites and raw eggs can present a risk of salmonella. Her opinion for pores is that they can be changed and you are in hope to get rid of them. That is a futile. She is advice to make them appear smaller by clearing with better for you ingredients.
10. Using beer for hair volume
Put a flat beer on your hair is not good idea. Spritzing it on your dry hair, it can leave your hair of protein residue (from the wheat, malt, or hops) and give an extra protein. The pH of beer really varies, and could throw off your scalp with no actual benefits.

Our recommendation? Instead use rose water. For healthy volume rose water is a great, Mast said. How to use: Simply spray it onto dry hair and fluff it up with your fingers, or spray it on your damp roots and blow dry. This rose water is available to you in the market.

11. Using butter to help heal burns
From the past is that the butter is good for burns of any kind. Experts say it’s not the way to go. In fact, butter and other greasy substances can actually trap heat in, and make it harder for the burn to heal.

Schlessinger is explained that can happen to grow the bacteria in butter. Becoming trapped can cause infections. If your burn is so severe that you need to seek medical treatment, butter can make it harder for doctors to treat the burn in the emergency room.

The one of better solution is to put the cold water on affect area for at least 20 minutes. Refrain from using ice. Ice is cold and damage the burned tissue, Schlessinger said. It help to reduce swelling, cool the burn, and relieve some of the pain. Buy and apply an antibiotic cream until it heals. For deeper you should seek medical attention.

12. Purple Kool-Aid to fight hair brassiness
Basic color theory say that blue cancels out orange and purple cancels out yellow, so purple wouldn’t do much for an orange hue. The property is that the purple colors remove out the orange tones that come out when a regular hair toner has faded.

In the salon, we use blues and purples to alter color. You risk your hair not turning out as you desire. You just pay the high price of a color correction.

Still in your mind is Kool-Aid remedy? Try to pick up a professional brand color neutralizing product between color services. Or stop to go in salon and get yourself a toner.

13. Using a black marker as eyeliner
Who on earth don’t use this thing? experts have seen it. For make a solid cat eye look some people use it. The eye is sensitive on this smell. It can irritate your skin around the eye. This product is not for your skin.

Have you your own Beauty tips for fairness we should be aware? Please share them in the comments section.