The Best Way To Unblock Your Ears Naturally! Look How To Do It

Organs whose main function is to give us the ability to listen and to maintain the balance is the ears. For that reason, clogged ears can be a serious problem besides annoying. Ear glands produce waxy oil and earplugs are usually due to those wax buildup. Today we want to show you a simple way to clean your ears naturally without the need to invest too much money. You can learn how to uncover your ears quickly if you continue reading this article.

Clean your ears naturally with home remedy, wasting little money.

When it comes about the plugs, usually doctors recommend synthetic medications that only disinfect and clean the outside of the ear. Wax plugs accumulated in the ear can cause a lot of problems.
But in this moment we want to teach you how to prepare a natural remedy. This remedy will help you improve hearing hygiene in a few simple steps wasting very little money. Needed ingredients for use are only two that we always have in our homes. They are white vinegar and alcohol.
Its effectiveness comes from the fact that both ingredients possess antibacterial, antibiotic, disinfectant and antimicrobial properties.

Prepare this remedy in your own home with presented step by step for easy prepare.
Take note to heal your auditory channels for yourself:


  • 1 tablespoon of alcohol
  • ½ tablespoon white vinegar

Preparation and method of use:

1. First take a bowl and place into alcohol and white vinegar

2. Mix well until the ingredients are merge

3. You need a dropper to put in a mixture, then put 10 drops in your ear with the head tilted towards the opposite side

4. Stay in this position for about 60 seconds

5. The same procedure is valid for the opposite ear

6. Twice a week do this procedure

Important to Know! – before start to prepare and use this remedy, you should keep in mind that it only serves to treat minor problems such as wax buildup or pain from being in contact with water. For serious problem you need to visit the doctor.

Another Useful Tip – if you try this remedy and the pain exists for more than three days, it is preferable to consult your doctor.
Ear wax protects the ear from external agents, hindering the dust, microorganisms, bacteria or other small objects to enter in the ear.

In addition, it prevents the external skin of the ear to become irritate when it comes in contact with water. However, when more wax is produce than necessary, this can lead to earplugs.

In the follow are the main symptoms of the wax plugs:
– Noise in the ear
– Loss of hearing partially
– Feeling that the ear is plugged
– Earache

Other useful methods for removing the wax plugs are:
Despite of the alcohol and vinegar method, you can also clean your ears naturally with other methods.
Consequently to soften the wax you can use glycerin, baby oil, water or mineral oil.
You should always keep in mind to dry the ear after cleaning it.
For doing this use a few droplets of alcohol or easily blow dry with a hair dryer.

If these methods are not effective for removing the plug, the doctor can help you remove it by repeating one of these methods, by suctioning the ear canal, using a device called a curette or using a microscope.