11 days to destroy breast cancer: What are scientists saying to YOU!

More than 500,000 women died from breast cancer only in 2011. Exist different treatments available for neutralization of tumors. The most common cancer for women throughout the world is breast cancer. The best way to raise the survival rates in these patients is early detection.

Women who notice any of the following signs or symptoms should tell their doctor (NHS, UK):

  • A lump in a breast
  • A pain in the armpits or breast that does not seem to be related to the woman’s menstrual period
  • A rash around (or on) one of the nipples
  • Pitting or redness of the skin of the breast; like the skin of an orange
  • A swelling (lump) in one of the armpits
  • An area of thickened tissue in a breast
  • The nipple changes in appearance; it may become sunken or inverted
  • One of the nipples has a discharge; sometimes it may contain blood
  • The size or the shape of the breast changes
  • The nipple-skin or breast-skin may have started to peel, scale or flake.

The European Breast Cancer Conference in Amsterdam show the presentation of one research by the Cancer Research UK-funded trial, and said that in only eleven days a pair of drugs can eliminate certain types of breast cancer. According to the new finding, some women with breast cancer might never need chemo.

The research included 257 women with HER2- positive breast cancer who received the two drugs right before they needed surgery. In a period of two weeks, 11% of the cancers have disappeared, while 17% have shrunken.
In the treatment of one type of breast cancer are use two drugs Lapatinib and Herceptin following tumor-removal surgery and chemo. The trial analyzed their effects, and discovered that they target HER2- protein that drives growth of some types of breast cancer, even the aggressive variants.

This study is small but important for breast cancer sufferers, as HER2-contained breast cancers have more chances to return than others. Researchers were shocked that this drug combination could in some cases completely cure breast cancer patients.

All cancer sufferers deserve access to medically effective treatments. The chief executive Samia al Qadhi of the UK-based charity Breast Cancer Care according to Guardian, believes that although it is an early-stage research, it has the potential to change everything. She says that currently, Herceptin is only available to be used alongside chemo, but not alone.

The cancer rates are way higher in developed nations compared to developing ones. There are several reasons for this, with possibly life-expectancy being one of the key factors – breast-cancer is more common in elderly women and women in the richest countries live much longer than those in the poorest nations. Experts believe that the different lifestyles and eating habits of females in rich and poor countries are also contributory factors.

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