She Changed Only One Thing In Her Diet And Lost 89 Kilograms In 18 Months

This is an inspirational story for each few small girl with strong will and commitment. In one level in her life she was overweight, actually weighed 150 kilograms. At 17 years old, with her husband decide to get pregnant which built her difficulty even greater.

She began gaining more fat and consuming food in large amount. The doctor says to her if she extended the velocity, she wouldn’t be live in follow year. For this thought she thinking every day, because she have a baby and need to consider immediate action which changed the complete span of her life.

Believed in her decision and make a change with her life. She made a decision to fight for life and her baby. The junk food is primary issue, she eat it constantly, every day. But, she must to stop it immediately junk food, she renewal her diet plan. Eat and live healthy in home prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner totally. She excludes chips and sodas and turned to healthy snacks. It created her experience whole and renovate. In following years she still managed to proceed by simply eliminating refined food with high-sugar portions and eat carbs. She lost 90 kilograms with robust will and dedication in less than 18 months.


In below is her diet plan which transformed her lifestyle and served her drop 89kg.


  • Breakfast – nothing.
  • Lunch – half a baguette filled with chicken and mayonnaise, a big bag of crisps and four chocolate bars.
  • Dinner – half-pounder cheese burger with doner meat on top and a portion of cheesy chips.
  • Snacks – large chocolate bars, share-size bags of crisps and whole packs of biscuits.

  • Breakfast – grilled lean bacon (visible fat removed), tomatoes and mushrooms with two poached eggs.
  • Lunch – jacket potato topped with home-made chilli con carne.
  • Dinner – home-made spaghetti Bolognese topped with 40g grated reduced-fat Cheddar cheese.
  • Snacks – fresh fruit, fat-free yoghurts, a small chocolate bar and an individual-sized bag of Walker’s Quavers.

She honors the possibility when she was overweight on her behalf to do essentially the most menial things and on the hard way it was, like strolling to the retailer.


If obesity back she can have agonizing pain. Today she is possibly and a real inspiration for many women. She was granted for “Woman of the Year”. The title is from the Obesity center. She is women and her provide regime guide make happy and normal living and remove all health issues. You never know who need inspiration to make some radical change. Share her story with everyone you know and improve their life dramatically!

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