Every house has greens plant. Most of us like to have their home as a rain forest. Our house needs something green but we must be carefully, what we have in our houses. 2006 in the United States is register 64,250 cases of poisoning with plants. 75% were children under 5 years.

All start with Esteban, when he play outside and have touch with this plant. He was 5 years old. He told to his mother that he felt bad. But she began to worry when she noticed that her son was beginning to have a strange color on his skin and great difficulty in breathing. She quickly called the ambulance. When transfer boy to the hospital, he was admitted poisoning emergency, no one knew what was really happening.

After 1/2 hour later, the doctor left the room where was little boy who had died. Doctor have informed his mother and that as much as possible is that poisoning was something he eaten. She was in shock. She doesn’t believe what she hear.

For this reason, he request and order a blood test and the results revealed a large dose of a chemical called calcium oxalate. This plant with chemical is known as Diefenbaker. Known better in countries of Latin America as Amoena. People who have it at home or in offices, it have great resistance hard to be in the shade without the need for sunlight. Be careful with children, it has high rate of poisoning if it is to be consumed.

When you have a touch with this plant, clean the mouth with a cold, wet cloth, rinse your eyes and give to ingest milk. Then consult a hospital. It is deadly and dangerous. The child can kill in 1 minute and an adult in 15 minutes.

Produces from this plant is dangerous for life. It can cause death.
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