Gabourey Sidibe went candid about undergoing weight-loss surgery

Gaborey Sidibe had to struggle with weight and other personal issues before she became famous.
Sidibe had a rather surprising job.

Before her first appearance in the movie 2009 Precious, which earned her and Oscar nomination.
the 33 year old worked at phone company as sex operator for nearly three years.
Sidibe, more known for her roles on American Horror Story and Empire,
made headlines last summer when debuted a slim figure.

She recently revealed she had undertaken laproscopic bariatric surgery after she was diagnosed wit diabetes Type 2,
She had detailed her weight and other personal struggles in her memoir
This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare, which is set for release in May.

Sidibe revealed to Nylon her father used to call her “Fatso” and beat her as a child.
She said she was bullied in school and bullied people herself. “because it hurts.” She talked about how she used to battle bulimia and suffer from depression and panic attacks.

After her surgery. “My surgeon said they cut my stomach in half” she explained in her book.
“This will limit my hunger and capacity to eat. My brain chemistry would change and i`d want to eat healthier. I will take it! My life long relationship with food had to take different path. The surgery wasn`t the easy way out. I wasn`t cheating by getting it done. I would`t have been able to lose as much as i`ve lost without it”

Sidibe`s weight loss trip didn`t end after the surgery. Since the procedure, she began working with a nutritionist to help her shape her eating habits and started working out with a trainer. In addition, she swims and rides a tricycle around the “Empire Set”
Ten months after, Sidibe continues to lose weight.

“I have my goal right now, and I`m almost there, ” she told. “And then once i`ve got it , i`ll set another and another. But my starting weight and my goal weight, they are personal. If too many people are attached , i`m shutting it down.
Sidibe also revealed that despite the drastic change, she likes her appearance no matter her size.
“There is nothing ugly about me” added she. “Anyone trying to convince me the I am – had it`s usually me – wasting their time. I was in a war with my body for long long time. If i`d started treating it better sooner, II would`t have spent so much time hating myself. But i adore my body now.
“You don’t get to talk about my body if you like it or not; it’s my body,” she told Nylon.
And yeah, I have been struggling with weight my whole life. I realize that as long as i have a body, it will be a struggle.

Now a days, Sidibe eats healthier and exercises more often. – she even uses an
Apple watch to calculate her steps and lap swimming strokes. Nylon reported.

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