Guava are common tropical fruits cultivated and enjoyed in many tropical and subtropical regions.
Guava leaves being packed with antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents and beneficial tannins, fresh guava leaves are considered as a natural pain reliever. The chemicals contained in these leaves such as polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids and tannins can be extremely effective in treating various diseases.

Around the world is famous as a powerful natural remedy for many conditions. They can offer you numerous healthy benefits due to their richness in vitamin A, they contain vitamin A – 10 times more than lemon and 4 – times vitamin C more than orange, also have healthy fiber and lycopene.

The fruit is round or pear-shaped with light green, yellow or maroon skin and white or maroon flesh that contains many small, hard edible seeds. It is soft when ripe with a sweet, musky aroma and creamy in texture.

Guava Leaves have this 11 amazing health benefits provided:

1.Improves Heart Health
According to a study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension, regular guava fruit intake can help decrease blood pressure and blood lipids. This is due to its higher potassium, vitamin C and soluble fiber content. Potassium helps maintain a steady heartbeat and control high blood pressure, while vitamin C keeps the small blood vessels healthy. In addition, the lycopene found in pink-fleshed guava helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in people who eat this fruit on a regular basis.

2. Reduces bad LDL cholesterol without affecting good HDL cholesterol levels.
3.Guava fruit is also good for the digestive tract.
Its antibacterial property helps clean the digestive tract, discouraging bacterial and microbial growth and its fiber content promotes digestion and proper excretion.

4. Stop the hair loss – you just need to boil the leaves and then leave them for 15-20 minutes. To message your scalp use the cold mixture.
5. Lose weight by stopping carbohydrates from turning into sugar and suppresses your appetite with guava leaf tea.

6. Improves Your Immunity
With its high vitamin C content, guava plays an important role in improving your immunity. Your immunity is your body’s defense mechanism that protects it from numerous diseases and infections. In addition, guava content anti-inflammatory action and its ability to inhibit inflammatory molecules like prostaglandins help keep you disease free.

7. Guava leaf tea is good for treating enlarged prostate and cancer.
8. Also is good for men who deal with fertility problems.
9. You can clean acne and pimples on your face only by using guava leaves. They are effective because content high levels of vitamin C.
10. By using crushed guava leaves you can also prevent infection, you just need apply them on some minor cuts like scrapes or abrasion. Or can use cold guava tea to relieve outer ear infection-just puts a couple of drops in it.
11. You can boil 9 guava leaves in 5 cups of water until the amount you have in your pot reduces by half. This is great in the treatment of dengue.
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