Did You Know That The Energy Drinks Are Made With Semen and Bull Urine?

Energy drinks or hypertonic drinks have been on the world market for more than two decades. They are alcohol-free drinks and with some stimulating virtues offering consumers the avoidance or decrease of fatigue and exhaustion. Also, increase mental ability and detoxify the body.

They contains mainly of caffeine, various vitamins, carbohydrates and other natural organic substances like taurine eliminating the feeling of exhaustion of consumers. It is important not to confuse them with re-moisturizing beverages or with other types of beverages such as soda. Even in the same containers it is advised that they are not considered moisturizer drinks. Caffeine containing in high doses may produce dependence.

Energy drinks produce a sense of well-being as a result by action of psychoactive substances (caffeine, an alkaloid, one of the ingredients in these drinks). It acting on the central nervous system, inhibiting the neurotransmitters responsible for transmitting the feelings of tiredness, sleep, etc., and enhancing those related to feelings of well-being and concentration.

Explains that caffeine have favorable effects on concentration is its possibility to successful increase the extracellular levels of the neurotransmitters noradrenaline and dopamine in the prefrontal cortex of the brain.
But recently a study that shocked everyone is done by the Longhorn Cattle Company. They revealed an ingredient extracted from the bull’s urine and semen and tested in the best brands: Red Bull and Monster.

Secret Ingredient of Energy Drinks:

Taurine is the ingredients so-called American Taurus that means bull. The taurine was isolated for the first time from the bile of an ox in 1827, the Australian scientists Leopold Gmelin and Friedrich Tiedemann. It is classified as an amino acid, but lacks a carboxyl group.

Usually Taurine we can found in the semen of bulls, liver and urine.
Disgusting, right? Sadly this is the secret ingredient of all energy drinks. Certainly taurine has been synthesized and there are replicas of this compound made in laboratories. But what we should ask ourselves is whether the drinks are using the synthetic version or the extracted version of the urine.

Side Effects of Taurine:

Taurine in its natural form have positive effects on the cardiovascular system, nervous system and immune system. Excessive use of taurine leads to toxic levels. The mainly symptoms of intoxication are gastrointestinal.

Energy drinks often combine taurine with substances such as caffeine. Valid results on the safety of mixing taurine with other ingredients are not yet available, which may be a concern in the health community.

After this, you know the secret of taurine persisted in the most popular energy drinks in the world. You have the last decision if you continue to consume or not. Everyone needs a boost some more often than others. However, we urge you to avoid toxic energy drinks at all times in yours days. Instead, eat plenty of energy foods, fruits and vegetables—nature’s turbo boosters. Consider taking a Vitamin B-12 supplement.

You should remember that there may be high amounts of other ingredients such as high amounts of caffeine or sugar in energy drinks. Consuming too much caffeine interrupt your sleep, increase your heart rate and blood pressure, causing nervousness and irritability. Added sugar can provide unwelcome added calories.

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