Mom Saw A Ring Around Her Daughter’s Neck. If You Spot This Too, Rush To The Hospital. Here’s Why…

Growing up number of people who are struggle with their weight. Obesity is a known disease of modern times. Even more, worrying is fact that many children affect this problem. Parents are worried about this problem and not know how to wean their children from overeat. Excess weight brings many other related problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, increased stress, etc.

We have an example of a case of 14-year-old teenage girl. Her name is Pantera and her mom discovers many symptoms that we all ignore it. The symptoms are constantly thirsty, headaches and severe mood swings.

One day her mother noticed a strange dark circle around her neck. At first view her mother considered that she just wasn’t showering well. But the truth is difficult and led to surprising diagnosis.

The opinion of people who have the dark ring is just dirt it’s actually wrong. It is a warning sign of Type 2 diabetes.
Explain from doctors is that this dark circle is a sign that your body’s insulin isn’t working properly. In most of the cases, this lead to a symptom of Type 2 diabetes, which have an impact on the way how your body metabolizes sugar levels. The dark ring is known as “ acanthosis nigrican” and it can appear also on the underarm or groin area.

A person with type 2 diabetes has insulin resistance or with different words it means that their pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin or the body doesn’t react rightly to insulin.
Body use insulin to manage glucose or sugar levels in the blood. Then convert glucose into energy. Some people who suffer from type 2 diabetes may be control through diet and exercise. Other people may also need medication to regulate blood sugar.

In recent years, this type of diabetes expands more on children and teen than ever before. Extremely important are preventative measures because once it appears, it is harder to treat it. In order to prevent it, you should change your diet daily with healthy food and do more exercise on a regular basis.

Pantera’s mom hopes her daughter’s story will be an inspiration for others who have same problem and start right now to make lifestyle changes instead of suffering the terrible consequences of Type 2 diabetes.

Pantera’s mom in interview for ABC News say: “I would like tell to other parents to know that it can happen to your child. It can happen even if you’re not diabetic and no one in your family is diabetic”.

All parents in the world should be careful about the foods they give their children to consume. You may think that chicken nuggets and the french fries or the chips is good for them to eat, but the truth is sadly, it’s actually not good. It is necessary to keep an eye on what you and your family consumes. It really has important impact for long life and everyone’s health.