In the north of Queensland in Australia, in the rain forest, has developed a smaller population Hilandia dockrillii. Scientist has study its traits for eight years and came to the amazing information. Blushwood (Hylandia dockrillii) or also called yellow tree, the plant has exceptional medicinal properties and in the near future is believe that it could overtake in combating the tumor.

For example in 300 animals (dogs, cats, horses, Tasmanian devils) were an artificial cause tumors vrata and melanoma. As a cure they use the extracts of the berries from this plant. This plant cure the tumor in 75% of cases and according to the researchers, none of cured tumors subsequently returned.

It has been proven that the ingredient contained in berries kill tumor cells thus directs blood flow from the infected tissue and stimulates the immune system to the decay of active tumor leftovers. The researchers note that the remedy has no side effects. The first effects of the operation become visible within five minutes, while all tumors disappear within 15 days, simply dropping down of the skin.

But we must say that this plant has some its limitations. It is very difficult to grow this kind of plant in areas outside of northern Queensland. There are plants around us with very similar effects on tumors.

These are the 3 most effective:

One man four years been on chemotherapy and it destroy the human organism on this man from Croatia. Illegally miraculous hemp oil helps him to change the things in a hurry. This man actually spit tumor through the mouth. It keeps its tumor in two pieces after a month of using this oil. Really working of oil cannabis for cures cancer can confirm millions people around the world who are cured.

Graviola – very efficient!

Many studies are doing secret since the 1970s and they have shown that this plant successfully kills cancer cells in our body. It is up to 10,000 times more effective than common chemotherapy drug Adriamycin. Treatment includes graviola, it can restore the power and immunity, unlike chemotherapy which is remarkably exhausting.

Carrots – eight months to use

Girls with name Ann Cameron was able to cure cancer in fourth stage only using carrot juice. She stops to use chemotherapy, radiation or to make changes in diet. In the third stage she has doing surgery on the colon cancer and after that the situation has worsened. Late in 2012 cancer was metastasized to the lungs, it was found in the fourth, terminal stage of the disease. They recommended her chemotherapy, no matter that it could not prolong her life.

She refuses because in the period when she has study alternative methods of treatment, was met with the information about Ralph Cole. He cured his cancer with carrot juice, in an amount of about 2 pounds of carrots a day. Her journey of healing is drinking the same amount. Sometimes three or four days she forgets about the juice and she eat a row of different food, even sometimes an unhealthy one.

Carrot juice is the only change in her life. After eight weeks of daily consuming juice, in January 2013, CT shown that cancerous tumors are stopped growing. She has a lessen tumors and swelling of the lymph nodes. When she examines her in March 2013, new tumors not exist, no swollen lymph nodes, and existing tumors continue to disappear.
Finally in July 2013 the fight with cancer has gone. All swollen lymph nodes carcinogenic come back to normal. After drinking eight months of carrot juice cancer was past. All the world media shared her story. It is not the only example, there are a lot.