The powerful influence of water on my health

The powerful influence of water on my health .
Adequate hydration is immensely important for every human being, including the human body which consists of 70% water. The water in the body keeps the body cells and the proper functioning of the organs, and its lack initially it’s presented with the following symptoms: thirst, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, lack of concentration, and later, once health is endangered, the symptoms are: fever, heat stroke, fatigue, swollen tongue, dizziness and even death. We must not forget that dehydration has already occurred when the thirst appears – you should drink water all the time.

Under normal conditions, the human body needs daily two liters of fluid, such as liquids, as unsweetened tea, water, mineral water and soup. As we know that with consumption of nutritionally rich foods we consume 20-30% liquids, then we can say that we are sufficiently hydrated.

If we are in the warmer part of the year, when temperatures are higher and we sweat a lot, fluid intake must be even greater. We must not forget in the summer, except plain water to consume foods rich with minerals that will offset the minerals in the body lost by sweating. This is best achieved by consuming fresh and cooked vegetables, fish, chicken and turkey meat, but above all with vegetables soup, meat and fish, which must not be too salty, so as not to burden the kidneys.

Special story are the athletes who are at increased efforts, especially when they’re competing or training at higher temperatures. Athletes in the summer can lose up to 4 kilos, only through sweating. Physicians advise taking water or isotonic beverages during exercise in small sips several times, primarily to avoid dehydration, but consequently, so we won’t have weaker results.

Two hours before the workout, you need to drink 2 cups of water and five minutes before the workout, you need to drink another glass of 2-2.5 dl. During the exercise, every twenty minutes 2,5-3 dcl drink liquid. If you count the calories that you burned, you need to know the recommendations of doctors that advise that for every 1,000 burned calories you need to catch up with a liter of water.
And do not forget the most important rule – when you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated, so drink water on time.

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