Read How Much Should You Walk To Reduce Excess Weight?!

Losing weight does not always meaning to running or passing a hours in the gym. Walking can be equally effective if you spend enough time doing it. For example, if you walk with a speed of four kilometers per hour you will spend 400 calories. The object for measurement of the steps can be very helpful in this.

Here are useful tips:
With the passage of one kilometer, which is about 2,000 steps, you will smolder 100 calories. One kilogram is equivalent to 3,500 calories. To lose a kilo a week, you need to burn 500 calories a day. It is important to have comfortable shoes. Do not wear uncomfortable shoes. All of us dream to have perfectly defined stomach, without trace of fat and overweight.

Over time you can increase the time to walk, as you will feel that your body gets used to the activity.

  • For start, walk 15-20 minutes a day. Do this for three times a week.
  • Aerobic exercises. For abs that last longer than 7 minutes stimulate capillaries in that part of the body resulting in increased blood flow. The increased blood flow also means a greater flow of oxygen. It is needed for burning fat.
  • Tense muscles need more calories to stay active. Our body tries to release the fundamental calories in parts of the body where we have active muscles. On that way it comes to fast fat burning in those parts.
  • Another positive effect of walking:
  • Exclusively useful for pregnant women- Time spent on the move at night. This improves sleep quality. In the morning you will wake up feeling fresh even if you slept fewer hours.

Many people believe that it is very difficult and painstaking process. The truth is : the hardest thing is to convince yourself that you can achieve it and start practicing.

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