The third biggest common health problem in the U.S is hearing loss. This problem can disturb your life and relationships. They can impede daily activities and thus, reduce the quality of life significantly. If you have tried to treat it with over the counter eardrops and medicines, but that did not give you a results. Believe it or not, there is a completely natural way to recover up 60% of your hearing. Genetics, certain conditions, including age and illness, play a important role in hearing loss.

What can cause Hearing Loss?
Some Infection or ear wax can block ear canals and lessen hearing,
Advanced age is the typical cause of hearing loss. One out of three people age 65-74 has some level of hearing loss. After age 75, that goes up to one out of every two people,

Noisy lines of work include: the military, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation. In this workplaces, ears are exposed to dangerous noise levels every day,
Illnesses – Otosclerosis is a bone disease of the middle ear and Ménière’s disease affects the inner ear. Both can source hearing loss.
Medications – aspirin, loop diuretic, antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, drug used for treat malaria etc.

Treatment is more helpful if you spot it as soon as possible. If started early with treatment , the result will come quickly.
We are going to write about natural recipe! Let’s take a look NOW:

The way of preparation : Peel off the cloves and then crumble them. After that, you must put them in a jar and cover with olive oil. For one or two days put the jar in a light area. Be careful, not expose direct to sunlight. When spend 48 hours, first erase the oil and pour it in a dropper. Keep this remedy in a frigid place.
How to use: Your body posture on a bеd and on affected ear drop 4 drops. Close ear with the cotton or gauze. Lay down for a while and then remove the cotton or gauze. This procedure repeat daily until you notice recovering hearing.

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