Remove the Causes Of Back and Neck Pain Forever

Back pain is a very strange thing and we haven’t really figured it out yet.

We will try to unpack this mystery so that you can get some relief, finally.

Researchers from Oregon Health and Science University in Portland reviewed six clinical trials composed of nearly 2,000 patients with lower back pain. They found that back pain patients who underwent scans didn’t get better any faster or have less pain than patients who weren’t scanned.

More important, the data suggested that patients who get scanned for back pain may end up with more pain than those who are left alone, according to the report published this week in the medical journal Lancet. So why are we going the doctor to get relief/help again?
About two-thirds of adults suffer from low back pain at some time in their lives, and low back pain is the second most common symptom that sends people to the doctor. Studies suggest that more than half the patients who see a doctor for back pain undergo X-rays or another imaging study as a result.

The problem, according to researchers, is that back scans can turn up physical changes in the back that aren’t really causing any problem. One well-known study from The New England Journal of Medicine put 98 people with no back pain into a magnetic resonance imaging scan.

Even though all of them had healthy backs, two out of three of them came back with M.R.I. reports that showed disk problems. Think about this for a minute.

There are many causes of back pain. Mechanical problems with the back itself can cause pain. Examples are:

  • Disk breakdown
  • Spasms
  • Tense muscles
  • Ruptured disks

Injuries from sprains, fractures, accidents, and falls can result in back pain.
Back pain can also occur with some conditions and diseases, such as:

  • Scoliosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Arthritis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Kidney stones
  • Infections
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibromyalgia.

Other possible causes of back pain are infections, tumors, or stress.

Back-Saving Tips

-To sit means weaker waist muscles and you need to stand up and move around a bit at least 10 min. also, do workouts all the time for the back especially.

-If you have the same mattress for 5 years, it is time for a change since the pain might be due to overused and deformed mattress.

-Also, when you sleep, never sleep on the belly because this will make you hurt even more.

-Walk or run for more than half an hour. Also, hike and relax while stretching.

-Avoid carrying heavy loads and items, and do not lift or tilt all the time. Heavy bags to damage the spine and joints and even lead to injuries.

-Also, similar things occur for those with small kids. When you take the kid in your arms, crouch and lift slowly with the thigh muscles, not the back.

-Remember to always bend the knees no matter the activity. Remember this for carrying babies, bags or brushing the teeth.
Back Pain Is Transferred to the Neck. This Is Dangerous.

Shoulder joints are delicate. Their flexibility and size leads many movements. However, it also causes higher risk of damage. Your shoulder sourness can be caused by:

– Stretching
– Unstable joints
– Fracture of the bone on the hand
– Dislocation injury
– Stiff shoulder

Why Does Pain Spread to the Neck?

If your neck pain lasts less than 12 weeks, it’s acute, but if it lasts longer is chronic.

The main reasons why your back pain has transferred to your neck are: stretched or damaged neck structures (muscle, ligament, and tendon), over-stretching, cramps, bad sitting and standing posture, lack of physical activities, a lot of stress, bad sleeping position, sitting for a longer period, etc.

What You Can Do to Help

– Alleviate the Pain in the Comforts of Your Own Home
– Apply cold and hot compress in the affected areas, every 2 to 3 hours. This will reduce your pain at least temporarily.
– Do exercises that are supposed to reduce your pain on a daily basis. Prevent stiff neck by moving your neck muscles as often as possible. Some neck exercises are really helpful for eliminating the chronic pain.
– Massages relax the muscles. If you can’t afford a professional massage, ask someone to massage your neck and back, or do a self-massage.
– Change the pillow or the sleep position. Everyone needs to change their pillow once in a while. The high and firm pillows get fixed and cause neck stiffness. Memory foam pillow adapts to your neck and head, so either try sleeping on such pillow, or on a feather one which is very soft. Prevent your spine from curving when sleeping on a side, by using a comfortable pillow higher than the head area. Don’t forget to bring a travel pillow with you when going on a long trip.
– One of the major reasons for health problems nowadays is stress. Try to reduce it with the help of yoga, meditation, etc.