Say Goodbye to Varicose veins, Joint pains, Lack of Memory Thanks To Laurel Oil

What we can say about laurel? According to Greek mythology laurel is a symbol of triumph, greatness and honor. Romans their great warriors or their sportsmen crowned with laurel crowns. This ancient tradition is still respect and the winners of the various disciplines at the Olympic Games today also give them a laurel wreath as part of their award.

With time it happened to have another type of uses. This type is related more than anything with the gastronomy, since the leaves of laurel perfume has a special touch the red meats.
But today we will make known for you a different use of laurel that has to do with its medicinal properties.

Laurel oil

  • For the first medicinal oil can improve and stimulate digestive system. It can decreases joint pain and has relaxing action relieves stress and tension.
  • We detail all the medicinal and positive effects of laurel oil, you can give:
  • It can encourage the digestion, works as a hepatoprotector, prevent acidity, intestinal spasms and inflammation.
  • Improves blood circulation and prevents atherosclerosis.
  • Enhance brain function and stimulates memory.
  • Regulates menses.
  • It stimulates the elimination of liquids and relieves the ailments related to the water retention, since at the same time it discards toxins and purifies the organism.
  • Help to reduce the effects of flu, bronchitis, cough and other diseases of the respiratory system.
  • Relieves rheumatic diseases by deflating joints and reducing pain.
  • Laurel oil has ability as an antirheumatic aid. It helps to decrease inflammation and calm the pain.
  • It useful for hair loss, you just need a massage on the scalp. Thus avoid the fall of hair and preventing the baldness.
  • It is great for care of the skin, especially to treat fungi. Relieve affections produced by blows, burns, acne, ulcers and like a regenerator of the epidermis.

For prepare this homemade laurel oil you will need:

  • 15 bay leaves
  • 250 ml olive oil
  • 1 bottle with tight lid

How to prepare:
For start you should chop with a knife or simply with the hands the bay leaves. The mashed bay leaves pour inside the jar and cover with olive oil. The bottle must be closed tightly and leave it to stay in a cold place to macerate. Peel off its properties for two weeks. Then, you are ready to consume. Paste and store in another bottle. For join pain, massage the joints with the olive oil to calm the pain and strain tensions.

Laurel infusions can cause contraindicated effect in pregnant women, children under six years of age, breastfeeding women, patients with different problems: gastritis, liver, gastro ulcers and gastric. Also are harmful for patients with Parkinson’s disease or other neurological diseases.