7 Things You Never Knew Lemons, and Lemon Juice Could Do

We all know lemons they add citrusy kick to everything from salad to cocktails. And its healthy list is pretty long – not only that it contain antibacterial properties that clean the kidneys and liver and boosts immune system, but it offers a big dose of vitamin C and help you stay younger.

7 Things You Never Knew Lemons, and Lemon Juice Could Do

Here are seven ways the lemon juice that can solve your kitchen dilemmas.

Prevent Browning:
With just few squeezes, it will refresh avocados, bananas, and peeled raw potatoes, apples; since lemon is acidic, enough it prevents oxidation that turns brown. Do these next time you prepare meal or you make fresh salad?

Stop Rice From Sticking:
How many times you had sticky rice. You`re lucky one – add few drops of lemon to your cooking water to prevent the rice from sticking together. Woops added plus? The lemon juice will whiten the rice making it look great on a dinner plate.

Keep Brown Sugar Soft:
Adding a slice of the lemon skin to your sugar box to keep it from clumping and hardening.

Crisp Your Lettuce:
With a few drops of lemon juice and water, you can bring back your leaves to life. Soak your limp leaves in a bowl of cold water and ½ cup of lemon juice, place in refrigerator for an hour. The leaves will be fresh and ready for eating.

Cook Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs:
Did you ever tried to brush the eggs with lemon juice before adding them to the pot, this will keep the shells from cracking while cooking, and they be easy to peel when ready.

Tenderize Meat:
One way to tenderize meat is to add

Here are seven ways that can solve your kitchen dilemmas.


. Why? The acid will slowly break down the fiber in meat making it tasty.

Enhance Flavor:
Last, but not least, lemon`s juice will absolutely transform a meal. To brighten creamier dishes to balance flavor in seafood, salads, and it a great substitute for stinking on salt.

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