Healthy food is the key which help our bodies and minds stay alert in the following days. More and more people are aware of the fact that food we eat is import from China. Hundreds of children, are affect. In 2008, infants have been died from drinking milk. It is contain compound uses for make plastics.

Many foods in China is made on the irresponsibly manufacture ways. This food is unsafe for human. Some of these fake foods can directly cause liver and kidney damage and even cancer.
The following food is just a few examples of illegal, counterfeit products:

The number one fake food in China is wine. The 70% wines are fakes. They use trick with expensive-looking labels of counterfeit wines that are make from cheap fruit juice.

2.Plastic Rice
The rice is often fakes produce. It is actually make with potatoes and a fake sythetic resin. Long-term effects of this food can be cancerous and stays hard when boiled.

3.Fake Eggs
A fake egg can make with gelatin, water, artificial food, coloring and encased in a wax egg shell. When you throw it, look like a rubber ball.

4.Fake And Adulterated Honey
Fake and Adulterated Honey is difficult to differentiate from real made honey. The fake honey is a mixture of sugar, alum, water and coloring.

5. Apple Juice
In the United States, 50% of the apple juice is come from China. Fruit juice is rich in sugar and is better mix with vegetable juice for your blood sugar levels. China is the LARGEST pesticide producing country in the world.

6. Rat Meat.
More than 900 people in China have been arrested for try sell rat meat as a beef. The rat is produce under extremely unsanitary conditions. According to police, to process this meat they use chemicals and water to increase its weight.

7. Tilapia Fish
The most worst, toxic and unhealthy is a Tilapia Fish. 80% are come from China. This kind of fish is live in a small pool of waste water. There, sea food farmers don’t let to their children to eat seafood that they farm.

8. Chinese Garlic
To produce the garlic China, producers uses tons of harmful pesticides. Mostly, they use methyl bromide. 31% of the garlic that we use is import direct from China.

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