Pork meat is popular in East and Southeast Asia, North America, Europe South America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Oceania. Pigs are rather dirty animals. They are considered the garbage and waste eliminators of the farm. They eat actually anything they can find. This includes insects, bugs, and whatever leftover scraps they find lying around. Eat also, their own feces or dead carcasses of sick animals.

The meat of the pig is so dirty. In some religions consuming pork is restrict. Toxins in their bodies can’t be eliminated, so they build up in their fat cells and organs. They are usually, living in factory farms. There, pigs never run across, bask in the sun, breathe fresh air or do anything naturally.

In this animal body is found hazardous microorganism called Yersinia enterocolitica. It can cause fever, cramps sickness, vomiting, and diarrhea.

In them more can found parasitics:

  • Taenia solium can cause loss of appetite and contamination of tissues.
  • Trichinella is the parasitic roundworm. It can cause malaise, edema, fever and myalgia.
  • Menangle infection can cause migraine, sweating, and chills.
  • The Hepatitis E viral irritation can cause fatigue and nausea.

Before being slaughter, the ammonia current in their urine and feces can cause to them developing pneumonia. The most of the farmers keep them on a steady diet of drugs. This can make them alive and to grow faster.

If you decide to cook pork, it can be cooking at high temperature. After touch raw pork you must always wash your hands. When you purchase pork meat make sure it has not contain chemicals. Even this meat is cooked accordingly, fear still lives. Every day, consuming pork make you vulnerable for greater risk of many diseases.

You get all toxins from the pig, when you consuming meat of pig. We don’t need more toxins in our organism. We should find ways to eliminate and cut down. One of the ways is, to eat healthy food, more vegetable and food. Don’t buy pork meat. You`re responsible for your life, then choose carefully!

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